taskeen program

What is the Taskeen Program?

To boost the real estate in the country, UAE leadership announced an opportunity for foreigners to purchase residential property. It allows the foreign investor to own property..


Why Invest in Off Plan Properties in Dubai?

Investment in off-plan/under construction properties is popular among investors because of many benefits.  Whilst there are numerous benefits of buying off-plan properties, there are some things you should consider. We at Water World Real Estate, have gathered a comprehensive and all-inclusive guide for buying off-plan property in Dubai. Benefits Of Investing in Off-Plan Property 1....


Dubai’s Most Awaited Event Expo 2020

Event, Prices, and Everything You Need to Know Expo 2020 is finally happening on 1st October 2021. Expectations are high and it is sure to give a boost to the tourism and real estate sector in Dubai. The greatest exhibition in the country will attract tourists and investors from all over the globe. Expo 2020 got delayed due to the pandemic but it will prove to be a huge success this year. What is...


DIFC Will and Inheritance and Sharia Law

The principal source of law of inheritance in UAE is Shariah Law. In addition, main laws governing succession in United Arab Emirates are Federal Law Number 5 of 1985 concerning the Civil Transactions Code (the Civil Law) and Federal Law Number 28 of 2005 regarding the Personal Status Law (the Personal Law). So, what happens to the family and the assets of the deceased in the UAE? This is the question...


What is Mollak System?

Dubai Land Department, through its regulatory arm Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), has launched a first-of-its-kind e-system called Mollak, the Arabic word for Owners. Mollak regulates jointly owned properties, service charges and monitor the payment of service charges in jointly-owned properties in Dubai. Mollak provides a new and integrated system to regulate, monitoring accounts related to...

Dubai Property Expert Advice

Planning to invest in Dubai Real Estate?? Minimize your risk with our 5 check points

What comes to mind of a first-time investor who has never invested in real estate? Fear?  they perceive it to be risky worried they will end up with unsustainable debt. Many worries as they are not well versed with the market movements and lack of knowledge of Dubai real estate market. In fact, investing in property is not a risky proposition, as long as the right steps are taking in terms of...

Real Estate in Dubai

Covid-19 Impact on Dubai Real Estate. Is it the right time to buy properties in Dubai?

Global real estate market has taken a hit due to Covid-19 and real estate in Dubai is no different. March 2020 was the time when the actual impact of Covid-19 started to be felt in UAE. When Dubai went into lockdown to control the deadly virus, real estate sector in Dubai came to stand-still. It did not last long thanks to the quick and effective measures taken by the government and Dubai Land...

Can non-residents open a bank account in UAE

There can be plenty of reasons why a non-resident of UAE wants to open a bank account in the UAE like if they spend a significant amount of time in the UAE or if they get paid in dirhams quite often, or it can also be a part of their savings plan. Despite the various reasons, banks in the UAE provide a facility to open a saving account in their banks for non-residents as well. Most of...

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